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Simple, Stress-Free Pricing + Bookkeeping
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Get control of the financial side of your business and learn how to understand your numbers, confidently price your offers, and manage your books with ease, all so that you can finally pay yourself more.

Does the thought of balancing your books make you want to run and hide?

I bet you didn’t start your business with bookkeeping or pricing in mind. You wanted to do work that you love, make an impact, and have the freedom of working from home and having control over your days. The financial side of your business was just an afterthought.

But now... you’ve got a pile of receipts that you’re not sure what to do with, you’re spending money in your business as fast as you make it, and you have no idea if your business is profitable or not. If you’re being honest, you’re really not sure where to start with getting your business finances in order.

So you avoid it.

You leave those receipts hidden in a drawer, pull price quotes out of thin air with no idea if you’ll make a profit or not, and wait until the absolute last minute to pull things together for tax time and pray that you haven’t made any serious mistakes.

Sound familiar?

Looking at your numbers shouldn’t cause a mini panic attack.

You can run your business without the uncertainty around numbers looming in the background.

How would you like to:

Confidently make pricing decisions in your business with financial data to back it up so that you know you're making a profit?

Raise your prices without feeling squeamish because you understand the value of your time and finally hit your revenue goals?

Have a true understanding of your numbers and a simple, reliable system for balancing your books and measuring your profits so that you're no longer overwhelmed?

Rest easy knowing you have everything in order and the tax man has no need to come banging down your door any time soon?

And what if you could have all of that by spending just 20 minutes a week looking at your numbers and handling your bookkeeping?

The numbers only tell half of the story.

It’s easy to say you’re “not a numbers person” or that the money side of your business is too complicated to figure out on your own. But the truth is, money is a loaded topic. Whether you realize it or not, your relationship with money started way before you started this business. And there’s a lot to unpack.

The financial health of your business is equal parts bookkeeping and data combined with the story you tell yourself about money and the value of your services. A profitable business requires you to look at both. But you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Understanding Your Numbers

(It’s about so much more than bookkeeping and spreadsheets.)

The Understanding Your Numbers program will help you truly know your numbers, price your offers for profit, evaluate the financial health of your business, and make smart decisions in your business that have a return on your investment.

In this 8 week online course, you will:

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    Get back on track if you’ve fallen behind on your bookkeeping.

  • Mini Icons 2

    Develop a CEO mindset around money and the way you approach your numbers.

  • Mini Icons 3

    Truly understand your income and expenses.

  • Mini Icons 4

    Keep up with your bookkeeping week to week in a way that is easy to manage.

  • Mini Icons 5

    Confidently raise your prices with data to back it up.

  • Mini Icons 6

    Set up your business for long term financial success.

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A sneak peek at what’s inside:


Week 1: Bookkeeping 101

You’ll kick off the course with an intro module to get you set up for success. In this week, you’ll learn bookkeeping basics and set goals and intentions to help you get the most out of the course.


Week 2: CEO Mindset

This week is all about learning how to think like a CEO and understanding your mindset around money. You’ll set up a system to stay consistent with your bookkeeping and start to develop a positive money mindset.


Week 3: Business + Personal Expenses

You’ll get a better understanding of where your money is going every month. You’ll evaluate your business and personal expenses, and learn how to set up an easy system for tracking them each week.


Week 4: Services + Clients + Revenue

Next up is income. This week you’ll take a look at the time and financial cost that goes into performing your services, evaluate your current client roster and determine your ideal client load. You’ll also get an accurate picture of your current hourly rate. (It’s lower than you think!)


Week 5:  Pricing with Confidence

Now that you have a true understanding of your expenses, your revenue, and the costs that go into performing your services, you have the data you need to set appropriate prices. In week 5 you will Price for Profit!


Week 6: Budgets + Projections

This week is all about looking toward the future. You’ll learn how to set an annual budget, and create projections to help you plan your income and expenses for the year.


Week 7: Day-to-Day Bookkeeping

Next, we’ll break it all down to the day-to-day level, so you can see how your actions every day help you toward your financial goals. You’ll also learn a simple system for staying on top of your bookkeeping in just 20 minutes/week!


Week 8: Committing + Celebrating

This final week is all about taking what you learned and committing to continue with your new bookkeeping system moving forward. By the end of the course, you’ll be celebrating your newfound profit and peace of mind!

Join now for only $497

  • 14 Video modules spread over 8 weeks that will transform your money mindset and the way you approach the financial side of your business.
  • Step-by-step tutorial videos to help you set up your bookkeeping systems with ease.
  • Complete bookkeeping spreadsheet system you can swipe to set up your own system.
  • Workbook to help you take action on each lesson.
  • Support center where you can submit questions and get direct support from Heather, the Chief Number Nerd herself.

Hi, I’m Heather!

Head bookkeeper and Chief Number Nerd around here. I created Understanding Your Numbers to help creative entrepreneurs like you finally make sense of the numbers in your business, and set prices that allow your business to grow and thrive. After 20+ years managing and advising business on their finances, I’ve spent the last 5 years helping online creative business owners make sense of their numbers. As I started moving into the creative entrepreneurship space, I noticed that almost all of my clients were struggling with the same thing: they were terrified to raise their prices! They had a feeling they were undercharging, and wanted to raise their prices, but had no idea how to do it confidently. And when we got to the core of it, they really didn’t feel very confident in the “numbers department” of their businesses at all.

I bet you’ve felt the same way, which is exactly why I created this course. This course breaks down the exact processes I use with my 1:1 clients to help them understand the full picture of their business and start pricing for profit!


I was able to raise my prices with confidence!

The financial side of my business was a mess before taking this course. I avoided looking at my numbers because I was afraid of what I would find and though it was too complicated to figure out. When I signed up for this Understanding Your Numbers, I knew I needed help understanding the numbers in my business, but I had NO IDEA how much of an impact this program would have on my mindset around money. Understanding Your Numbers helped me make sense of my numbers and set prices that put me on the right track for business growth. It also helped me to get a better perspective around my pricing and realize I was undercharging by a crazy amount. Having the numbers right in front of me gave me the confidence to raise my prices to finally start making a profit.  My revenue and profit has only continued to grow from there.

Elli Runkles, Sales + Launch Copywriter

I now have more profit to put towards my family!

Before going through Understanding Your Numbers, I had no idea what my hourly rate should be, and I was clueless on how to handle my taxes. My business was growing, and I knew that I needed a better handle on the finance side of things to make sure I was doing everything properly. Understanding Your Numbers helped me so much in raising my prices and understanding all that goes into pricing my services. I have raised my prices (twice!) since going through Understanding Your Numbers, and have so much peace of mind knowing that I have business savings in place so I don’t have to worry about the slower months. Understanding Your Numbers helped me understand my numbers and gave me the confidence to raise my prices. I now have more profit to put towards my family!

Erin Wheeler, Sweet Fresno Photography

Erin Wheeler

It feels so good to be able to pay myself each month!

I had no clue what I was doing when it came to bookkeeping before going through Understanding Your Numbers. I knew that I needed to figure out how to handle my money, and I tried using different accounting tools on my own, but it was clear that I needed some help to get things set up. Understanding Your Numbers has helped me so much when it comes to making purchases in my business and setting aside money to pay myself. I used to sign up for courses or business retreats without even thinking about it. Now that I have a budget and understand my overhead expenses, I’m able to take a step back and make a decision that makes sense for my budget. It can be hard to say “no”, but it feels so good when I’m able to pay myself each month!

Katie Williamsen, Web Designer

Raise your hand if you have an inbox full of courses you bought on a whim and never finished.

I get it. It’s so tempting to throw money at online courses trying to find the next thing that will help you get ahead and reach your business goals. But here’s the thing: If you’re a compulsive course-buyer who’s constantly signing up for new programs in hopes that it will be “the thing” that helps you reach your business goals, you probably need this course more than anything.

If you’re buying business courses on a whim without understanding the return on your investment, here’s what that tells me: You probably don’t understand your numbers well enough to make informed financial decisions about whether a course or program is going to be the right fit for you.

Understanding Your Numbers will help you truly understand your numbers, so you can make smart financial decisions in your business, and only spend money on things that will have a return on your investment.

I don’t want this to be another course that sits collecting dust in your inbox. This course has the power to completely transform your business by helping you truly understand what’s going on with your numbers behind the scenes and will help you make smart decisions moving forward.

Understanding Your Numbers is for you if:

You feel pretty lost when it comes to the financial side of running your business and don’t totally understand where the money is going in your business.

You’ve been guilty of making business purchases on a whim and slapping arbitrary price tags on your services without really understanding the impact on your business.

You constantly feel like you’re business isn’t making enough money, but the thought of raising your prices makes your skin crawl.

You want a simple and manageable system that will help you make sense of your numbers and get your bookkeeping taken care of in just 20 minutes/week.

You’re ready to get a true understanding of your numbers and start pricing for profit.

Here’s what past Understanding Your Numbers students had to say:

“There was a lot that I wasn't sure about, and Understanding Your Numbers helped me make sure that I was running my business correctly.”

“Heather explains the processes, philosophies, and system very clearly. I actually enjoy the system now. Who enjoys doing expenses? Somehow I do now.”

“The best part of this program for me is the fact that I can now get my accounts done in just a few minutes a day instead of struggling and spending a lot of time.”

 “I've been able to weed out services that weren't working and put my attention towards what is making me money.”

“I am now able to get a true picture of what is going on in my business. Having the knowledge allows me to make more educated decisions.”

“I am able to budget paying myself twice a month instead of sporadically when I could afford it. (That makes my husband much happier too!)”

“Being able to pay myself consistently is a huge plus. It's also helped me look at all of my expenses and save money by canceling services that aren't necessary for my business.”

“I have gained so much time back in my life by going through Understanding Your Numbers. What used to take me hours each month, now takes just a few minutes.”

“I realized that the fear of raising my prices was all in my head. This program encouraged me to raise my prices on my website, and I booked a session at the new price the next day!”

Understanding and tracking your numbers doesn't have to be overwhelming. You can be on a path to more profit in your business TODAY.

Join now for only $497

  • 14 Video modules spread over 8 weeks that will transform your money mindset and the way you approach the financial side of your business.
  • Step-by-step tutorial videos to help you set up your bookkeeping systems with ease.
  • Complete bookkeeping spreadsheet system you can swipe to set up your own system.
  • Workbook to help you take action on each lesson.
  • Support center where you can submit questions and get direct support from Heather, the Chief Number Nerd herself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Understanding Your Numbers

This is a stand alone course that will teach you how to manage your business finances, do your bookkeeping, and set your pricing using a simple spreadsheet system. The course includes a spreadsheet template that you can copy/paste and use as your own. No additional software is required. However, if you are already using a bookkeeping software such as QuickBooks or Xero but don’t feel confident with the financial side of your business, this course will still help you to make sense of the foundational financial principles essential for business success.

This course is about so much more than cold hard numbers. Many bookkeeping courses out there will teach you accounting principles and technical information about managing your books without really explaining how it applies to you personally. This course is created with you, the creative business owner, in mind. It breaks down the bookkeeping basics in a way that’s easy to understand, takes into account your personal financial goals, and helps you see the big picture of how bookkeeping and pricing impact every area of your business.

This course is designed for creative business owners and solopreneurs who want to understand their numbers and feel confident managing their business finances on their own. The examples in this course are primarily focused on services based entreprepreneurs who are working in their business alone or with a very small team. However, these are universal principles that can be applied to product based businesses or those with a larger team as well.  

The course modules will be released on a weekly basis for 8 weeks, so you have time to digest and implement the info in each module before moving on to the next one. After all modules have been released, you will have lifetime access to the course material. So you can complete the course on your own time if you aren’t able to go through everything during the 8-week period.

It’s for both! The principles taught in this program apply to businesses at any stage. Whether you’re a brand new business owner who is just starting to work with clients, or you’ve been in business for years and have a full client roster, the time to start making sense of your numbers and pricing for profit is NOW.

There sure is! There’s a place inside the course portal where you can submit questions and get a response from Heather (Chief Number Nerd!). You will also have the opportunity to schedule a Clarity Call at a discounted rate exclusive for Understanding Your Numbers students if you would like 1:1 support from Heather.