The Ultimate Bookkeeping Workflow and Template Kit

This Template Kit helps non-bookkeepers set-up a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping system. The kit provides the templates and checklists you need to get your bookkeeping handled – no fancy bookkeeping software required.

This is for a service-based business owner who’s not ready to hire a bookkeeper quite yet. This also works for online business owners with digital products too, but isn’t really set up to deal with product-based businesses with complicated inventory systems.

By using this kit, you’ll have…

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Template – a reusable bookkeeping template you can use to track your expenses, income and profits so that you can complete your bookkeeping by yourself and without a fancy bookkeeping software

Bookkeeping Workflow Checklists – with the things you should be doing on a weekly, month, quarterly and annual basis so that you know exactly what you should be doing to manage your bookkeeping and when too

Video Walkthrough – a guided do-it-with-me tutorial that shows you how to use the spreadsheet so that you can simply follow along and pause the video when needed to get your bookkeeping handled

Exclusive Bonuses: Including a glossary of need-to-know financial terms, a virtual filing cabinet, monthly overhead worksheets and more!