On-Board New Client Workflow (For use in CRM or Workflow Software)


This Bundle Includes:

  • New client onboarding workflow (for use in CRM or workflow software)
  • New bookkeeping clients folder templates
  • Hubdoc setup email template
  • Testimonial request email template
  • Email template for new client questionnaire
  • New client to-do list

Onboarding a new client can be a time-consuming and tedious process. This bundle allows you to start on the right foot without missing a step.

Additional Product Information:

The workflow is a fillable PDFs that allow you to save and reuse each file. Or customize the workflow and task lists and input into your own project management system. Emails are fully customizable to meet your business’s needs.

To copy and paste, after purchase and download, please open in Acrobat, select “Edit” then “Select All” to copy.

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