Category: Onboarding

Solopreneur Template Starter Kit for the Bookkeeper

When I got serious in my business, I created these workflows and email templates to make me more efficient and organized. I’ve been tweaking and perfecting them ever since! I use these templates on a daily basis with my own clients and I love sharing my templates with other small business owners. Save yourself time from creating your own workflows and email templates from scratch and use this bundle of (21) templates to jumpstart your bookkeeping business.


On-Board New Client Workflow (For use in CRM or Workflow Software)

Onboarding a new client can be a time-consuming and tedious process. This bundle allows you to start on the right foot without missing a step.


New Client (Initial Review Workflow)

Impress your clients starting on the first day with this bundle of onboarding workflows and templates. You’ll save time and money for both you and your clients and prevent needless follow-ups because you need more information.